Major Copywriting Techniques That Really Work

Copywriting is an art, there’s no other way to put it. Unfortunately, many people make the mistake of believing that copywriting is basically rewriting articles from Google and that isn’t the case. True, genuine copywriting is almost on par with novel or poetry writing.

It is used to driving business forward and keeping companies alive and thriving in the long run and that’s no small task. If you feel like your copywriting could be converting a lot more but for some reason it does not, implement the following tips in your practice and you’ll get in the ranks of the elite in no time.

  • Cut Down On Adjectives 

This is a universal rule that applies to any kind of writing, copywriting inclusively. Adjectives are great when they’re used with a purpose, but too many will destroy your articles.

People are interested in how things work, what they do, who made them and how they were made. This is to say that your writing should have more verbs than adjectives. Also, don’t wane poetical on topics that have no real depth.

  • Use “You” Whenever It’s Possible

“You” lets people know that it’s all about them and that you’re there to help them, not babble around and lead them nowhere. People look for articles that offer them knowledge on subjects they have no grasp over.

Use more “you” and exponentially less “I”. Remember that copywriting is a client-oriented type of writing. If you make it an outlet for your egocentrism, no matter how mild, people will roll their eyes and will go to other websites.

  • Write In Images

Reading an article should give birth to images in the minds of the readers. That goes hand in hand with feeling. In this light, it is imperative for you to know how to empathize and how to make people feel something when they read.

Dull writing is devoid of feeling and subsequently leaves readers baffled and a tad annoyed. Write from the heart regardless of what you’re writing about and you’ll convert like crazy. Make people laugh, cry, cringe – anything.

  • Use Humor

Humor goes a long way as long as it’s tasteful. If you feel like you can make a pun or witty remark, then by all means do so. After all, good humor is a sign of high intelligence. It will make your readers more relaxed. However, note that “tasteful” there. Jokes have certain limits that you shouldn’t go past.

Concluding Remarks

Copywriting can be so tough that many aspiring copywriters from call it quits within a month. Once you start doing it with due diligence and you’re not afraid to go off the rulebook, it actually becomes to feel less like a chore.

The most important thing you have to know as a copywriter is that you’re talking to the readers indirectly. You influence their decisions and their way of thinking and you can do that to convert them. It’s really no rocket science – all it takes is sheer will of power.

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